Faculty of Mechanics and Energy

Educational process

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The following basic disciplines are taught at the department:

Wagons (design and calculations).
Dynamics of cars.
Automatic brakes and train safety.
Wagon Building & Car Repair Technology.
Automation and automation of production processes.
Basics of car maintenance.
CAD of cars and their maintenance.
Refrigerating equipment of cars.
Reliability and technical diagnostics of ZRS.
Electric equipment of cars.
General structure of cars and their interconnection with technical means of railway transport.
Maintenance and repair of electric equipment of cars.
Auto Brake and Traffic Safety.
Automated workstations in the car and passenger transport.
Fundamentals of the theory of oscillation and stability of rolling stock.
Rules of technical operation of railways.
Resource-saving technologies.
Basics of operation and restoration of wagons.
Brake systems in the carriage.

Заняття проводяться з використанням сучасної мультимедійної техніки

Classes are conducted using modern multimedia equipment

Subject course and diploma design is closely related to the needs of production. Annually, the carriage service department submits its proposals to the department on the development of separate issues of organization and technology of repair.

Захист дипломного проекту

Protection of the diploma project

Щорічно студенти кафедри приймають участь у наукових конференціях та олімпіаді

Annually students of the department take part in scientific conferences and olympiads.