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Branch Research Laboratory of the ERRS Department.

Possibility of conducting research works in the field of rail transport in the following areas:
- development of new types of rolling stock of railways;
- performance tests of the traction rolling stock, separate units and assemblies, materials;
- improvement of organization and technology of maintenance and repair of rolling stock of railways;
- systems and safety devices in the rolling stock;
- resource and energy saving technologies;
- diagnostics and forecasting of the technical state of rolling stock and its units;
- development of quality management systems for locomotive repairs.
Development of normative and design documentation:
- industry standards, instructions, rules, etc .;
- rolling stock upgrade projects, re-equipment projects with technological and test equipment;
- instructions, sets of documents for the technological process of repair.
Carrying out work on determination of the organizational and technical level of locomotive repair facilities and enterprises for the use of traction rolling stock.
Development of training multimedia programs, films, poster products from the design, technology of maintenance and repair of rolling stock of railways.
Development, manufacturing and implementation of training complexes for drivers locomotives, means of pre-travel and post-flight control.
Development, manufacturing and introduction of modern diagnostic, test and technological equipment for locomotive repairs.
Works performed:
Research work:
"Research and determination of the optimal set of parameters, modes of their receipt and processing for displaying the technical condition of locomotives in order to ensure the construction of an automated system for their diagnosis and organization of repair by mileage"
"Development of a draft description of the technological process of repair and diagnostics of electric locomotives in the ACS by locomotive economy"
"Development and implementation of ISO9001 quality system at the enterprises of the Pridniprovsky railway"
"Development of electronic passport of locomotive depot"
"Carrying out researches on determination of operational reliability of locomotive brigades of Odessa-Zastava depo"
"Carrying out researches and development of technology of carrying out of rehabilitation works by rehabilitation means of railways of Ukraine"
"Research and development of a video surveillance system based on locomotive traffic conditions"
"Research and development of electronic device for decoding and analyzing radio conversations of locomotive brigades"
"Development of the technology of information interaction of linear, level of railways and Ukrzaliznytsia in the part of information about technical status and passport data";
"Development of methodological provision of information interaction of the chief technologist from the ASC VP UZ in the part of conducting the electronic passport of the locomotive"
"Investigation of the design of cab drivers of electric locomotives regarding the possibility of using microprocessor control with the provision of modern ergonomic requirements and electric safety of locomotive brigades";
"Development of a prototype of a specialized stand for testing plunger pairs of PNVT locomotives during interaction with technical means
"Development of technical requirements on the device for monitoring the quality of repair of the TPC when they interact with ACS T equipment";
"Development of the concept and basic provisions of the system of maintenance and repair of electric locomotives 2EL5 and 2ES5K in actual technical condition"
Regulatory documentation is developed:
Album forms of primary documentation of the locomotive economy;
Regulations on attestation of traction rolling stock enterprises for inter-industry industrial rail transport;
Regulations on certification of enterprises for maintenance and repair of special self-propelled rolling stock of railway transport;
Regulations on attestation of enterprises for maintenance and repair of traction rolling stock TS-0162
Regulations on attestation of traction rolling stock operation stations. CT-0110
A typical locomotive depot guideline. CT-0165
The technique is a technique for decoding fast-moving ribbons. CT-0167
Instruction on using the complex of operational vibration diagnostics "Forecast". CT-0224
Instruction on color defectoscopy of responsible parts and units during repairs. CT-0215.

CT 0162 CT 0224

Defect Nastanova

The equipment for locomotive repair facilities is developed
Automated test bench of plunger pairs of fuel pumps of high pressure diesel locomotives.


Automated test bench for testing fuel injectors diesel locomotives.


The developed training complex for locomotive brigades